52 Weeks of Color – Electric Lime Week 17

I can’t believe we’re already through the 17th week of the 52 weeks of color. There are times I get reminiscent and like to go back through the blog and see the seemingly small changes in myself that actually hold much deeper meaning to my second life.. the big face shape mod in October, then from my normal towhead to the ginger locks that have been gracing my head nearly continuously since November. My hair is longer, my posts less melancholy, my second life – once lonesome – now filled with the love of a family I never could have imagined finding.

This weeks pictures find me out on the back deck of our new home, blissfully content with where this new road leads.

Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Maitreya
Tattoo: Essential Soul
Eye Makeup: Boom

Shirt: Reek
Pants: Mon Tissu
Shoes: UBU
Ring: JCNY

Prop/Pose: Cheeky Pea

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