Brick Red – Week 46

So, I got all thrown off with Firebrick and Brick Red. I’d done firebrick, then when I went back to check on colors, I somehow skipped to Brick Red and shot from there. So, the next 2 or 3 colors are already set and almost ready to post. I was blown away thinking I’d gotten so far, when really, I was 2 behind where I thought I was. Oh well, at least I’m back on track now.

I remember when it was announced that all the AM Radio sims were closing. It seemed like (and may have been) the end of an era. Those sims were so amazingly designed, it was a wonder just to stand in them. I had mistakenly thought that they were all to close in June, and tried to get there as much as possible before they closed. Recently, I started seeing The Far Away as the scene for blogs in the feeds and had to check and see if it was still there. I landed there tonight to see the tall grass, half buried in snow and decided to dig out my What Next sled. My Kari Komrad HUD also seemed like the perfect addition to this shoot, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Word on the street is, this sim is closing soon too, so take advantage of it while you can!

Skin: the body co. Orchid (02 Ivory)
Hair: TRUTH Blair – mocha

Sweater: [Naughty] cashmere sweater – autumn leaf ((From theWarehouse sale))
Skirt: Kyoot – Corduroy Mini
Tights: Kid Asia – Zsa Zsa Stockings Brown Pattern

Boots: [Gos] Aviator Boot – Amelia

Pose: What Next

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