Watching Her World Burn



title from the painting in the photograph, by Joslyn Jeanne.

A friend of mine, Samantha Chester has been running the Panorama Gallery as long as I’ve known her.  I blogged about a show they did about a year ago, and Samantha was nice enough to extend an invitation to me for their current show that opened last night.  Joslyn Jeanne is the artist on display, she’s only been painting a little over a year, and has some really lovely pieces up. I looked through the gallery a number of times, trying to decide my favorite. My eye kept getting caught by the painting shown in my photos above, Watching Her World Burn. I love the shadowing, and the expressiveness… and she reminded me a bit of a Disney villain.

To see Joslyn Jeanne’s full collection, please visit The Panorama Gallery

there is a special particle show at The Panorama Gallery tomorrow:

PANORAMA GALLERY Presents a Particle Performance:
“LOVE”  (Is All You Need)
A Performance by Particle Tom and Lexi
Music provided by DJ Sun
After party dance jam with performer Noma Falta
Sunday October 6, 2013 @ 12N SLT

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