Magic is all around

magic is around us 2


Debating this whole ‘blogging’ thing again. I keep looking for motivation to take pictures again, and maybe this is the answer.  Thankfully, WordPress still had my log-in information saved, otherwise, I’d have been completely out of luck.

Those who know me, know that I’ve got somewhat of an obsession with the Harry Potter universe. In RL, I have 7 HP tattoos, I’ve read all the books countless times.. There is something so lovely about being immersed in a land of magic.

Wasabi posted on Plurk the other day about a new release hair at an event. When I logged that night to go get it, I finally paid attention to the event where the hair was being sold.. World of Magic… How did I not know this was a thing?? I TPed and immediately found myself in a place I’ve only dreamed of. Wandering up and down the alley, peeking in the magical shops and the idea for a picture started to form.

I was able to refrain from buying everything, but it was hard!

I’m glad to be back in SL, attempting to find the place where I belong, and way to make my SLife a bit more magical. As for now, I’ll just sit here and talk with my bowtruckle.


magic is around us 3




Body: Lara [Maitreya]

Head: Baby Face [Genus Project]

Skin: Harriet – Celtic [DeeTaleZ]

Hair: Queenie – B&Ws [Wasabi] **World of Magic Item**

Shirt: Keira – Yellow Plaid [Erratic – MP link]

Glasses: Harriet [e.marie] **World of Magic Item**

Necklace: Basics Solitaire [Cae]

Pants: Celen – Indigo [ISON]

Boots: Leather Knee Boots – Grey [ISON]

Room Decor

The Magic Traveller Chest [Kopfkino] **World of Magic Item**

The Mischief Map [Insomnia Angel] **World of Magic Item**

Book Magic Fatpack: Magical Potions / Magical Birdcage / Magical Suitcase  [Disorderly] **World of Magic Item**



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