Not today, Satan

Fameshed March_002_001_edited

I’m finally feeling like a real person again after this damn flu. I still have no voice, so hopefully that is back before the 15th when I go sing with Bat Masters (end shameless plug) today I remembered that FaMESHed was a thing. I mean, I always know it’s there, and I always make it there at least once each cycle. But it’s been a while since it’s been the 6th before I make it that way. My two favorite things this round were right in the landing area, how convenient!

First, this veggie truck.  The options are fantastic. You can set out the empty truck and fill it up to your hearts content, or you can do what I did and take the easy way out, and set out the fully stocked truck and call it good. There are 15 single pose options on the PG truck, and if I’m honest I didn’t check anything else, cause I spend most of my time on my own these days. But I’m sure all the others are great as well!

The other store I find that I’m drawn to constantly is Tres Blah – this love affair has spanned a decade now. It is one of a very select few that I still consistently fat pack. This jeans and t shirt combo is no exception. I’ve been looking for a good pair of high waisted jeans in world for a few months, and these are just perfect. The t shirt construction and options are as wonderful as always..

Fameshed March_002_003_edited

“Not Today Satan” that’s pretty much my mantra all day, every day. So this just spoke to me LOL.

I’m also testing the waters as a brunette(ish). And I can never say no to a good baby bang, thanks, Lamb! I get super finicky with hair colors in every life (I’ve been ginger in rl for a few years now, and it’s harder to change that) and I’ve gotten to the ‘something’s gotta give’ portion of my SL.. I need a change. I need to find places to meet people, and to go do things.. Suggestions welcome.


Head: GENUS Project – Baby Face
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Harriet
Hair: Lamb. Jimi [FAMESHED]

Shirt: Tres Blah – Casual Tee [FAMESHED]
Pants: Tres Blah – High Rise Jeans [FAMESHED]
Shoes: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers

Far away Pic Glasses: Fetch – Aria

Close-up Pic Jewelry: Vibing — Aria Necklace [FAMESHED]
Close-up Pic Glasses: :: No Cabide :: Duda Glasses

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