Home Sweet Home…

Sure, getting dressed up and going dancing is great fun, but sometimes I just want to sit and enjoy the quiet. On a particularly standoffish night, I searched everywhere for a grungy sweat suit & pint of ice cream… Didn’t ever find them.. but I did land on a book & this delightfully casual outfit from *COCO* the baggy jeans & t-shirt have both quickly become staples in my SL closet.

Shirt: *COCO*: V-Neck T (Khaki)
Jeans: *COCO*: LooseJeansFlare (Dark)
Belt: *COCO*: WideBelt (Brown)
Shoes: (Shiny Things): Zimmy (Brown)
Earrings: (Caroline’s): Large Gold Hoop Earrings
Glasses: MIEL: Genius Peepers

Hair: Maitreya: Piper II (Natural Blond)
Skin: LAQ: Pearl
Tattoo: .NeedleZ.: Lyric
Shape: Ruthless Curves: Custom Shape Cady

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home…

  1. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream? I'm on it!!
    Great outfit…with the holiday weekend…I need a new suit to splash around in, any suggestions? Oh and a cover up and jewelry of course…smiles! You're the bestest!

  2. Look at me – always a day late and a dollar (linden?) short! Sorry, just saw your comment… swim attire… I'm on it.

    any luck on that ice cream? I could *REALLY* use it now!

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