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I’m late! but I decided to try Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme – The Book Meme: Are you a bookworm? – Completely. I have my Kindle app on every electronic device I own, and am nearly always in the middle of something. Which do you prefer:…

Once Upon a Time

Ages ago, someone asked on Plurk, “If you came with a warning label, what would it say?” I apologize, I don’t recall who asked. (if anyone remembers, let me know and I will edit the post.)  I thought it would be fun to turn this…

**BLOGGER CHALLENGE** What’s Your Warning Label?

All our words are written down in chalk Out in the rain on the sidewalk If all our heartaches were in a stack They’d go all the way up to heaven and back     Berry did another one of her Monday Memes that drug…

All I did was help you tell a lie

Not blogged in months, but lets just say, I was inspired by being snowed in for ages, and only being out of my house half a day since Sunday. I made it to Collabor88, I’m loving this month, I’ll tell ya. I apparently felt the…

A Collaborative Story



Hi Hater, Bye Hater. Sweater: faMESHed Pants: villena Hair: Bean- Ploom, Bonnie- Exile

That’s Damn Fancy

“All the Little Lights” We’re born with millions of little lights shining in the dark And they show us the way One lights up Every time you feel love in your heart One dies when it moves away ~Passenger

Ten Years Gone

“Sometimes people overwhelm me and I just want to be left alone, but with you” ((Quote from Daily Odd Compliment))

Alone With You

title from the painting in the photograph, by Joslyn Jeanne. A friend of mine, Samantha Chester has been running the Panorama Gallery as long as I’ve known her.  I blogged about a show they did about a year ago, and Samantha was nice enough to…

Watching Her World Burn

Is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not? –it’s a toss up, I love Autumn and Spring.  Mainly for the same reason, I love jeans and scarves and I hate snow… Do you call it Autumn or Fall? – Autumn What kind of weather…

Live for Autumn