Fast Food Princess….

Okay… needed a silly blog….

I *heart* silly, tis one of my favorite things. I stumbled on the supa fast food ring at ::^^Tasty^^:: the other night, and just HAD to get it to wear with my Fast Food Headband ({Abnormal Ms})… how these 2 designers don’t know each other is beyond me!

Headband: {Abnormal Ms}: Fast Food Headband (headband available on xstreet only)
Ring: ::^^Tasty^^:: : Supa Fast Food Ring

Shirt: ::^^Tasty^^:: : Sexy Cool Grey
Sweater: **MIS** : Co-Ed
Jeans: *COCO*: Loose Flair Jeans

Hair: TRUTH: Sydney
Skin: :Curio: : Elf2

Poses: [LAP]

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