Welcome to Vienna!

Vienna 8

Vienna 10

Vienna 18

I have become a lover of the 2.0 tattoo layer and have been pining for skin creators to utilize these… More and more they are, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Someone on my plurk timeline dropped the store name of Chaisuki as a place with high end skins… how ironic – as I’d been searching for a new skin for Weslyn at the time. I hopped on over there and was very impressed – the single packs include the skin with or without a hair base, underware with alternate breast shading, pubic hair & optional tan lines… and…. TATTOO LAYERS!! 3 teeth options & 3 lip shades on the tattoo layers!! The single pack runs at just under L$1400 but for that many options it’s hard to beat!

Skins: Chaisuki; Vienna 8, 10 & 18
Hair: fri.day: Melanie.2
Lingerie: Armidi [Intimizzo]: II Giorna Set

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