Be Aware


So, remember that surgery I alluded to a couple blogs back? Well, what they thought was a ‘nothing’ vascular tumor for the last 3 years, turned out to be Dermotofibrosarcoma Protuberans…. or in a scary word I understand… Cancer. Now, I’ve always been a bit of a pessimist on the cancer subject, I come from a long line of Breast Cancer survivors, and always just felt like it was a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’… skin cancer was the farthest from my mind… I’m so NOT the outdoorsy type, but this type of skin cancer, which effects between 0.8 and 5 people per million (see? I knew I was one in a million!!) has nothing to do with the sun… it can hit anyone, so as my little PSA… don’t assume anything is ‘nothing’ get it checked.

The awareness ribbon for Sarcoma is yellow with a sunflower, so I took this as a chance to don my new FLF dress and G-Field shoes in a lovely field of sunflowers… I love the way the pictures turned out, and will use these as my own ‘Awareness Ribbon’

Dress: Surf Couture: Somer Dress
Shoes: G-Field: Ribbon Slingback
Necklace: Caroline’s: I < 3 Shoes
Hair: Anna
Skin: Chaisuki: Vienna

Poses: Olive Juice, *~Pulling Strings~*

Back Ground & Sunflowers: :+:Studio Sidhe:+: