Circle Gets the Square

I have been doing the Pro Poser hunt… have I ever mentioned how much I hate hunts? I’m bad at em, I don’t get the hints, and I end up confused and upset. They of course have some redeeming qualities, like, getting me into stores I’ve not been in, and affording me the chance to relieve my pockets of some lindens. I’m a sucker for props, and for some reason, this one just spoke to me.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Redgrave

Shirt: So Many Styles
Pants: Mon Tissu

Shoes: Shiny Things
Glasses: MIEL
Tattoos: Essential Soul

Shadowbox Pose: .:S:. Stance

ETA: Thanks to Tabby Tophat for pointing out that I missed crediting the pose! I Hate when I do that!!!

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