52 Weeks of Color – Sky Blue Week 20

Guess who’s behind again…. Cady, Queen of U-Know, Procrastination & Double Standards. So, I think I would be completely lost without the Marketplace. I wish that more creators would list there stuff there, it’s my go to place when I’m looking for something – easier to look there than LM hopping. My daughter, Abby, is the one who suggested a cloud theme for the sky blue color. I love her styling ideas and I love that she’s around to bounce ideas off of. So, she mentioned clouds, and I went straight to the Marketplace, I put in ‘Cloud Pose’ and here I sit!

Skin: Redgrave
Hair: CaTwA
Lip Gloss: Cheap Makeup

Sun Suit: The Sea Hole

Feet: Slink

Cloud Pose: Baffle

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