A love note to Codie…


CodeBastard Redgrave, you are a genius!

I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve had the MechanizedLife – Filter Cam HUD… okay, like since February – and I just got around to unpacking it. Oh my holy crap. For a girl who couldn’t photo shop to save her life, this tool brings a whole new side to my in world pictures. All the pics here are straight from SL using a combination of shadows and this Filter Cam HUD.

The pictures feature, as I’m sure you can tell, one of SLs newest craze – Surf Co’s Bloom Dolls – Toonip Bloom shown here. I love these dolls, it adds a whole new level to the joy of dressing up in SL. For this shoot, my doll is loosely based off the 1997 cartoon – Pepper Ann, a favorite of mine from college.

Filter Cam HUD – MechanizedLife

Skin/Doll Head/Shape: Sand Shack Surf Co.
Hair: Magika

Sweater: Apple May Designs
Skirt: Artilleri
Leggings: Emery
Socks: Maitreya

Shoes: UBU
Glasses: Alphvillain

Pose: Croire