52 Weeks of Color – Jade Week 32

I used to practice Tai Chi all through high school. My step mom was an instructor and I took her classes, it helped with my balance, knee problems and most of all it was a way to center myself. It’s funny to me how something can leave such a memory so deep inside, that when I hop on these Tai Chi pose balls, and see Cady work her way through the form, I can feel myself relax, and let go.

This is an outfit I picked up at Hucci ages ago. I loved the color, and sometimes just really want something more sporty to wear around the grid. It comes with a longer jacket too, but ever since I traded my tattoos for freckles, I’ve liked showing off my stomach – it doesn’t make sense, but oh well, it’s my second life! LOL.

Skin: LAQ

Hair: LeLutka

Outfit: Hucci

SLURL: Tai Chi Park

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