Not Young Not Old

Listen up guys and gals, Bella Baroque just announced that Olive Juice is closing its doors on February 19th. She’s given us all a little over a month to run over and scoop everything up at lowered prices (see below for details). I hate to see these stores that have been intrigal to my blogging close, but her reasons are solid, and there’s hope to see her in the future. I love that she’s keeping her poses on the market place – this is good news to me, as I won’t feel like a brat blogging her stuff (Lookie what I have and you don’t!)

Skin: -Glam Affair- Linn Natural
Hair: TRUTH ~ Valeska Streaked w/Roots – mocha

Pants: Temptation Leggings Black 1
T-Shirt: tres blah C88 Graphic Tee – Leopard Cross 2
Jacket: Beetlebones Studded Biker Jacket

Bracelets: [MANDALA] 7LUCK Bracelet A /Female
Clutch: ::je suis:: Sauvage Clutch – Gazelle

Poses: Olive Juice

2 thoughts on “Not Young Not Old

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! I feel like a broken record saying how much you mean to me, but it's true. You've been there for me a long time and I'm sure brought many a customer my way with your blog. Thank you, Cady. <333

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