An Unexpected Fairytale

I’m a sucker for a twist. I love when a book I’m reading takes an unexpected turn, or a movie ends in such a way that it leaves more questions than answers. I like to take something that you expect to see one way, and change it ever so slightly. When Sachy put this outfit together a couple months ago, I knew I wanted to take this picture. The colors of his outfit gave the feeling of Snow White, though not overtly effeminate. I decided that I wanted to do a shoot that would not be what one would expect from a “Snow White” themed picture, and asked Abby to be the ‘Prince.’ My goal was to alter the outfit of the traditional prince enough to make it feminine without losing the over all integrity. I immediately thought of this pose set that I’ve had my eye on for some time. There is a story that reads in local, as you click the rose to change the poses that accompany it, and guess what, there’s a twist ending!

Sachy – “Snow White”
Glasses – Reek – Auggie Glasses
Button Down – Schadenfreude – Hot Pink Oxford Shirt – Only on MP
Pants – Zoobong – Rockstars [Yellow]
Shoes – FIR & MNA – Wavie Shoes

Abby – “Prince”
Dress – MichaMi: Belted Tube Dress – Indigo
Shirt – Kyoot – Soft Holiday Mini Dress (Cream & Red)
Leggings – [House of London] Basic Leggings – heather gray
Hair – [elikatira] – Again – Brown 08

Pose Set – :+:Studio Sidhe:+: Tale of Snow White V2

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