Topsy Turvy

If your heart gets weary
and you can’t sleep at night
there’s a girl back in Indiana
you better hold her tight.

You ever get to the point where you don’t know which way is up? It seems like everything is in flux right now… The Everdeen’s are settling into our home, I miss our old landscaper, I’m fairly inept when it comes to those things. The new neighborhood is nice, quiet, way less laggy and there’s talk of Autumn coming in the next couple of weeks… and maybe one day, we’ll find a house where Dyl doesn’t have to sleep in the bathroom ♥

Skin: *League* Isla Pale Olive Brunette
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Layla

Shirt: coldLogic top – kipp.blanca
Jeans: JANE – sweet n low jeans.pitch
Shoes: Slink Aussie Thongs & Mesh Feet

Glasses: –Entente– Savant Glasses
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Roho

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