Snow Globes

Snow Globe_020_edited.jpg

Snippet from “Love Me, Don’t Leave Me” by Michelle Skeen

I love snow globes, they contain landmarks, cityscapes and scenes that are reminders of a specific time or experience and the accompanying treasured memories. My daughter, Kelly, has a snow globe with some great landmarks of San Fransisco – the Transamerica Pyramid, the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, and a cable car. When she picks up the snow globe and shakes it, the snow falls and the scene comes to life -it’s magical. It brings back the memories of her experiences in San Fransisco. Now, imagine a snow globe that contains your story – representations of your toxic childhood and adolescent experiences frozen in time. When your core beliefs get triggered it’s like shaking the snow globe -suddenly your story, the scene, gets activated, brought to life. It brings back your painful memories of those experiences and the negative emotions, thoughts, and uncomfortable sensations. Your childhood is in the past, but your current situation is triggering your story and making you feel like you’re back in it. So your natural instinct – your biologically driven need to protect yourself kicks in, and you’re engaged in a behavioral reaction designed to rid you of painful thoughts and emotions, but instead it makes you feel worse.

Post #3 in my podcast series – this picture/quote are from the latest episode of Mormon and the Meth-head. This is a podcast featuring Aaron Woodall, and Jessa Reed.  Aaron grew up Mormon and at 28 left the church and has been navigating the ‘real world’ while Jessa grew up with a tweaker mom, and followed in her footsteps. She got clean at 28, and the podcast focuses on the parallels the two have experienced reintegrating into ‘normal’ society.  Both are standup comedians, but the podcast covers all topics; from Jessa’s near death experience to an infinite onion of trauma.

I have been somewhat of a MatMH super fan since May of last year.  I first heard Jessa on an episode of Mean Boys (once I figure out a picture for them, I’ll cover them seperately) I was instantly intrigued by her story, and her laugh gives me life.  I started listening to MatMH and I was hooked. I got to a particularly hysterical part where Aaron and Jessa are discussing their experiences with Tinder and I tweeted to them about it. The next episode, Jessa read my tweet on the podcast, and it was released on my birthday! Since then, they’ve released 46 more episodes (61 in total) on their main podcast, and an additional 26 on their patreon feed.

I recommend this podcast to everyone I can, every time I can. There is truly something for everyone.


Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: .LeLutka. – Korina
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Sibley
Hair: !Oleander ~ Billie.

Sweater: *COCO*_NordicSweaterDress
Vest: *COCO*_PufferVest
Jeans: Tres Blah – High Rise Jeans

Boots: *COCO*_SnowBoots+Socks

Snowglobe: Never Wish – Snow Globe
Pose: Space Cadet


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