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Podcast Series #4

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad … This is a podcast unlike ANY I’ve heard before. We’re only 3 episodes in so far, get in on the ground floor! So far, each episode has told a story of a murder laying out the evidence known, and ending with a call to action from the listeners. They need help solving particulars in the cases, be it other potential victims of a killer, or in one case, they know who the killer was, they have the bodies of the people he killed, but not their names.. This is the first true crime podcast that I’ve listened to that isn’t hosted by comics.

To fully understand/appreciate the minds behind the Murder Squad, you have to look at the accomplishments both these men have seen in their careers:

Paul Holes was a cold case investigator in California for 27 years. He specialized in cold case and serial predator crimes, even working on the Zodiac, Golden State Killer, Laci Peterson, and Jaycee Dugard cases.

Billy Jensen describes himself better than I ever could.  According to Billy, he’s a “true crime writer [who] got  so fed up with writing stories with no endings, so he started solving murders himself”

Both Paul and Billy have written books, both of which are available on Audible, and both of which I have listened to this week. Billy’s book is Chase Darkness With Me . Billy discusses the cases that he’s solved (murders, missing persons) and his involvement with the Golden State Killer case, and consequently his meeting of Paul Holes. Paul’s book, Evil Has a Name, follows the Golden State Killer, and how Paul worked the case for 24 years before finally identifying the suspect.

So, who wants to come solve crimes with me?!


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Head: .LeLutka. -Korina
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Sibley
Hair: Magika –  Wren

Dress: Blueberry – 7th Birthday Sundress

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Pose: Foxcity (does not include desk/chair)

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