I’m like 300% tired…

300 percent_004_edited

Never have I found a more appropriate shirt for my life. I’m tired in rl, I’m tired in sl, and I’m just plain tired…. that equals 300%, right? Math has never been my strength.

The last few weeks have been a trial, work is busy and not busy at once, leaving me in the balance of juggling new clients, while trying to ascertain why old clients are not sending new business.  On top of, we’re in the call process for a new pastor at church and there has been a bit of turmoil as the prospective new pastor is bisexual.  I am part of the Lutheran Church ELCA Synod, ELCA meaning, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. ELCA, as a synod has a stance of openness and understanding and acceptance. Unfortunately, members of my church had issue with his sexual identity, and more unfortunately, members of my family had issues with his sexual identity. My mom said that my stepdad had a good point; that bisexual people could not be monogamous. I told her that was absolutely incorrect, and her response was “HOW?!” …. to which I raised my arms and yelled “Ta-Da!”…. so I guess I came out to my mom… she’s ignoring it so far, but my hope is that this will plant a seed in her brain that I’m the same person she’s always known, and I’ve not changed. Perhaps this will force her perspective to change. Of course, I identify more as a panromantic demisexual, but didn’t think she was ready for all the new terminology yet.


Head: Genus – Baby Face
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Clef de Peau – Pooja
Hair: Magika – Alyssa (50% off summer sale!)

Shirt: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – 300% Shirt
Mask: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – Leave Mask

Nails: e.marie – Mix&Match Coffin Nails

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