Good bye sling! Hello Fall!

Well SLers… I’m back – for now. Out of the sling, but back into surgery before the end of the year. I’ll be a pro by the time this is all over!

I apologize for the recycling of pics, these pics are from the shoot that the picture “Fall”-ing on Shopping Cart Disco is from. I really wanted for those pictures to be entirely separate from this blog – but it’s ending up being about 1/2 and 1/2..

Anyway, I digress. Above is me with Reid ❤ an early blooming romance, paired with the calmness of fall, and simple innocence of an afternoon picnic.

Skin: Pink Fuel

Shirt: Zaara
Sweater: Berries, Inc
Skirt: LeeZu
Boots: *COCO*

Skin: TheAbyss
Hair: TheAbyss

Shirt: :Sey
Pants: Hoorenbeek
Shoes: Hoorenbeek

Poses (in picnic table): {What Next}

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