Better With Age

As many of you are aware, Elika, formerly the genius behind ETD, is back….. yes. Back. She has released a few new hairs on the Second Life Marketplace, and hasn’t missed a beat. I thought something fun for this entry would be to showcase 2 of the stores that I frequented when I first rezzed (10/8/06) – and looks like my photography has come a ways as well

So here I am, 2006, ETD & Canimal (and others but PLEASE don’t ask me to remember):

And now, 1 week & 2 days shy of my 4th rez day:

Hair Left: ETD
Boots Left: ETD
Tattoo: Canimal

Tank Left: Canimal

Hair: Elikatira – Available on only on Second Life Marketplace
Skin: Curio
Corset: Canimal
Necklace: MIAO
Earrings: Zaara

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