Lemon Week 37

Introducing..again… (but different) Weslyn! Weslyn is now a student at Hogwarts. She and her sister Apol are 11 and first year Hufflepuffs. Jumping into RPing has been a bit daunting to me, but admittedly fun. The lemon week was the perfect chance for Weslyn to show off her new look.

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. GeMMa II(A)1 teeth
Hair: TRUTH ~ Kitty – swedish

Shirt: The Lemondop Shoppe ~ Vintage Mascot Tee-Badgers
Headband: TokiDoki ~ side headband

Mouthie: Bertie Bott card mouthie ~ Creator – Siobhán Harclay (mohini.denja)

Pose – Olive Juice

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