SLraw Photo Tutorial

This tutorial is a part of the Bloggers Carnival at SL9B
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Bloggers Carnival

This tutorial is written using the Firestorm Viewer with the Photo Tools Beta plugin, as that is what I use personally.

Firestorm can be found here:
Photo Tools Plug In:

(Click any picture to enlarge)

To get the Develop menu, if you do not have it already, hit ctrl+alt+q

Under the Rendering section make sure that Object-Object Occlusion, Lighting and Shadows, Shadows from Sun/Moon/Projectors, and SSAO and Shadow Smoothing are on. I normally keep all but Lighting and Shadows clicked, that way when I want to turn on shadows, all I need to do is click Lighting and Shadows.

To get the Photo Tools menu seen in the picture, click the Quick Preferences icon (the one that looks like a phoenix)

This is when I just start clicking through different Windlight Sky settings until I find one that suits the mood and the feeling I’m looking to portray in the picture.

Once I find one I think will work, I click ‘Edit Sky Preset’ to adjust the lights a bit.

This slider moves the sun/moon position, it will change what direction the sun comes from and will have a great influence on how the shadows play in the photo

This slider adjusts the east angle, like the sun/moon position, it will determine where the shadows fall in the scene.  I will often go back and forth many times between these 2 steps until I have reached the desired effect.

NOTE: You do not have to save the setting, I usually take the picture and then let the setting go back to normal.

This is actually my final product, where I hit the camera button, I don’t have any special ways that I save, I use the current window, image quality 100.

Final Image

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