The Years Go By… and So do We..


May 2019… that makes 12 years and 7 months in SL… 3 “main” avatars… People loved, friends / family lost, lessons learned.  Over almost 13 years, I’ve seen the advent of people adding prims to clothes, the birth of mesh, and finally bento.  I still remember my first day in SL, I was on newbie island, or whatever we called it. I was trying to make my avatar look ‘good’ things went sideways and I cried and left. I started over shortly thereafter with a new avatar. Once I got a handle of things, I went back to my first and fixed her up. I took a picture of the day when all went wrong, and I’ve kept it all these years as a ‘look how far I’ve come’ … 2006, it was not a good time for me..


To be fair, 2007 wasn’t much better.  In fact, I’ve only just updated her in the last 3 months, she’s been featured in this blog even, back in Rollercoaster. 2008 isn’t exactly a GREAT representation of my normal look, I was in an experiment to see how people in SL would react to avatars who were not the ‘normal’ skinny, tall avatars people were used to. Which looking back now, seems silly, cause that avi is smaller than many of the attractive avatars of 2019, but back then, that was large enough to make people stop me and comment on my ‘bravery’ for not conforming to social norms. 2010 was an ad pic done for MIAO, a jewelry store run by one of my nearest and dearest, Kesseret. She runs, at the time the website was Shopping Cart Disco, and I had a weekly post there with my unedited pictures, SL Raw with Cady Aldrich.  2010 shows a time in my SLife that was unparalleled, I had just met my SL daughter, Abernathy Button, who would prove to change my lives forever. 2012 and 2013 are a bit of a blur.. not great moments standing out in my memory, 2014 is still one of my favorite looks in an avatar. If I recall correctly, 2015 is my last year sans mesh head.  I’d tried the logo hears before 2016, but nothing really felt like ‘me’. 2016, Catwa ‘Catya’ won out as the right fit for me.. As of now, I’m bouncing between Genus and Lelutka, 2018 shows my Genus head, and I’ve only recently gone back to the Lelutka head for my 2019 pic.

Now that you know SO much more than you ever cared about from my SL upbringing, lets talk quickly about why I posted this in the first place. Strawberry Singh posted a ‘Yearbook Challenge’ again! I love doing these, cause it’s honestly fun to go through these pictures, I get the chance to look back and reflect. Check out Strawberry’s post here.

Also, I had to share these glasses, because Fetch. Seriously, at this point, do I even have to say more? I live for Fetch glasses in SL, I get as excited for her new releases as I do for my rl glasses deliveries. These are the Annette glasses, and they have a HUD that changes the frames in 4 metals, and the lenses in 9 different colors, though, I’ve edited the transparency of the lenses, as I usually do, to make them normal glasses, rather than sunglasses.

So, as I’m always the worst at wrapping these things up, please, show me how long you’ve been in SL, tell me your highs and lows.. and always wear your favorite glasses!


Head: .LeLutka. – Korina
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Glam Affair – Lilly [Collabor88]
Hair: Stealthic – Mirage [Collabor88]

Shirt: Tres Blah – Aspen Tunic [Collabor88]

Glasses: [Fetch] Annette Glasses

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